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Notable decoration Ranboo has consistently hidden his face with an extravagant outfit, though he may soon reveal his face. Ranboo is an American decor-like YouTuber apparently known for his Minecraft recordings.

Mainstream decorations have a huge continuation option in an extremely short time frame. Having been associated with the platform for exactly a year, Ranboo has over 1,000,000 endorsers on YouTube and also on TikTok where he has 1.4 million followers.

Likewise, he’s also a person from Dream SMP, a personal employee of three of the most mainstream Minecraft gamers. To be honest, Ranboo has never exposed his face on any of his streams or web-based media.

HeightAbout 6 feet 6 inches

He is known for the unmistakable form of his huge half-dark and half-white veil, which he wears over his streams with dark glasses. Not only this, but he also carries the king’s crown on his head which completes his gaming look.

At the same time, he also tries to give the same look to his character in the game. Despite this, he has not opened his face to date, yet he is considering exposing the face soon. All things considered, he won’t be covered for what he looks like forever. At the age of 17, Ranboo had the choice to establish itself as a mainstream brand in the gaming landscape.

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While his definite birth subtleties are yet to be investigated, he is believed to have been born between December 24, 2003, and April 8, 2004, according to YouTube Fandom. It lingers on whether American decor is more established than TomInit and more youthful than Tubo.

Similarly, when it comes to Ranboo’s real name, he is constantly known for his stage name. In any case, his maiden name is believed to be Mark which was playfully uncovered in one of Tubo’s floods. Nothing else has been revealed so far.

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