Pakistani news anchor viral video | Aakhir Aisa dress Kyon pahanti Hai news anchor

Hello viewers, you will see your host Sahil and other Sahil TVs in the morning, evening and afternoon. You will also be sitting on the news channel. What you thought is that you have not kept the daily news with Anchor ST.

Everything is visible from his body which is clearly visible from his body. No one wants to sell an address so you have to subscribe to the channel. Today we will send you a post about how you must find out and the news of your house may come out one of the biggest secrets of all. Like New Hair Style,

Ati Bin Sunwar comes and every day she has an address and dress that looks physically clear and there is nothing embarrassing about it. Flu Karni reads with an understanding of everything. About the news, if nothing can be said, the reason is that it can go up to two hundred and five thousand twenty. It is clear to you that you can say it clearly.

This news tells you in advance that he gives you the first thing you need to tell him or all about it when you hide the news. Every day, according to the news about China, the thing is that in the morning, according to this news,

the morning comes. It’s never beautiful that you can’t even think of it yourself and come home and come to the fifth which I thought good morning show Nada Yasir how negative it is and every day there can be a new dress or dress and about it I’m fine too and when you live with it you talk about it yourself.

It is important to know all the information about it, it is important to know that there may be information and information about it that you must be familiar with. Mandatory Sharing is a very fun festival with one X video

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