10 Recent Best Horror Movies That Will Make You Die Of Fear

1. The Witch (2015)

Set in the heart of New England in the 17th century, The Witch immerses us in the daily life of a modest family who suspect that the eldest daughter is a witch. It’s a very atmospheric movie, which takes time to develop its plot, but there’s a good chance that Black Phillip (an incarnation of Satan) will haunt you for many weeks after your first viewing.

2. Don’t Breathe: The House of Darkness (2016)

Three young thieves think they have hit the jackpot when they decide to attack the house of an old blind man. Except that, in general, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is: the old man is not as fragile as he seems and his blindness is not a deterrent. The 10 best series of all time available on Amazon Prime 2020

3. Blair Witch (2016)

Seventeen years after The Blair Witch Project, director Adam Wingard decided to take the famous witch out of the closet for a facelift. We’re completely out of the zero-budget atmosphere and fear in suggestion and deep down that made the original film’s success level the potato with frights and nightmarish visions, but it’s also effective in its genre. 10 best movies of all time available on Netflix

4. The Visit (2015)

The concept of going to visit your grandparents is nothing scary on paper except borderline in terms of boredom. But when it comes to grandparents we never met because her daughter cut ties with them before the birth of her children, she immediately becomes more intimidating. When we add to this the increasingly strange behavior of the grandparents in question and the very strange rules they impose on children (like never leaving their room after 9:30 p.m.), that changes the game a bit. 10 Best Horror Movies for kids on Netflix

5. Goodnight Mommy (2014)

An Austrian film that caused a sensation at every festival it went through, and for good reason. Behind its impeccable photo, all smooth and beautiful, and its sun-drenched decoration in the Austrian countryside, hides an insidious nightmare that intrudes into every corner of your soul and that will not let you go until the end.

Best Horror Movies All part of the reaction of two twin brothers to the return of their mother, who, after multiple cosmetic surgeries, has to temporarily live with her face covered with bandages – which leads the two boys to think that it is not really their mother . , and she was replaced by someone else. Trust me, her patience will pay off.

6. The Lure (2015)

Second non-English-language film on the list, The Lure is a gruesome Polish musical comedy that tells the story of two mermaid sisters who find themselves performing numbers at a Warsaw cabaret. I know, said like that, it leaves a bit speechless, but again, I invite you to let yourself be tempted. Firstly, because mermaids are deadly, but also because the movie is really successful, very beautiful, poetic, and of course just the right amount of blood to stay on topic, because ultimately, mermaids are still human-eating creatures. . first of all.

Green Room (2015)

A punk group gets trapped in a neo-Nazi club after witnessing a murder. It’s cloister, it’s violent, it’s gloomy, and it has a sad topical flavor, but it’s also superbly produced and armed with excellent actors (including the late Anton Yelchin).

8. Jessie (2017)

Jessie, ghastly little Netflix nugget of the year, is the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same title, whose plot is as simple as it is horrible: a couple retreat to their isolated country house to try to relight the flame by giving themselves up to small sexual games.

Best Horror Movies The woman is handcuffed to the box springs, and her husband suffers a heart attack and dies in front of her eyes, trapping her in her bedroom, but also in her gloomier thoughts and memories of her. Huge jitters guaranteed.

9. It Follows (2014)

The film was a huge success when it was released, and for good reason: in addition to being extremely beautiful and accompanied by a heady soundtrack, it appropriated the well-known slasher genre to completely reinvent it. Here, the villain is not a masked assassin, but rather an entity that hunts his target to death and is only visible to him, leaving him completely at his mercy. The turn? It is transmitted sexually, and the only way to get rid of it is to sleep with someone to transmit this nightmare.

10. Not a sound (2016)

A deaf writer takes refuge in a secluded house deep in the woods so she can live a lonely life and quietly write her second novel, making her the perfect target for a masked murderer who hopes to take advantage of the young woman’s handicap to turn him into a life more horrible nightmares. We already knew that living in a barracks in the middle of nowhere was a bad idea, but then we reached levels of vulnerability rarely equaled. This will not prevent the heroine from fighting like crazy to escape her executioner. Best Horror Movies

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