21 Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

Netflix has become the most sought-after OTT platform for stream services across India. Offering a variety of content, it includes Hollywood and Bollywood films documentary series, series, and many more. Netflix is also producing many amazing movies and web-based series that are of Indian from the moment it was launched.

At first, users of Netflix could access Hollywood films and TV shows in English only. But, with the increase in viewership, Netflix started developing content that was localized to enhance the experience for users. Dubbing isn’t an easy straightforward task. It needs proper synchronization between the timings of the screen and the dialogue.

Netflix is constantly expanding the number of dubbed shows in Hindi. Recently, they have also started dubbing series in other languages, including Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and more. Here, we’ve included a list of the Best Hindi Dubbed series on Netflix.

Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series in 2020

Sex Education (2019)

Sex Education was premiered in the year 2019 and is a British comedy-drama tv show. The show follows the life of an insecure teenager called Otis Milburn, whose mother is a therapist for sexual health. The therapist is skilled in the area of sexual abuse,

their mother of his is also a therapist for sex. Otis creates a sex counseling company at his school along with his classmates Maeve and Maeve to assist classmates who are having issues with sexuality. The series also pays the attention to LGBTQ relationships. It is among the most popular shows on Netflix and is now accessible in Hindi.

The Witcher (2019)

It’s a Polish-American drama web series. Based on the book series and the games that have the same name. The Witcher is set in a fantasy, medieval period. The character Geralt from Rivia is a hunter. He is also occasionally a monster and the show reveals the struggles he faces in his daily life. The series also includes several erotica and sexual scenes.

Daredevil (2015)

The show ‘Daredevil’ was inspired by the character in comic books from Marvel Comics. Matt Murdock, who is an attorney by day, and Daredevil in the night. Although blind, with superhero-like senses He fights in the nighttime in the street in New York City. In his dual role as lawyer and Daredevil. He encounters a lot of other people of The Defenders. This is a must-watch show to Marvel Comic fans, and the show is now accessible in Hindi.

Lucifer (2016)

Lucifer is an American television series created in the hands of Tom Kapinos. The storyline of the show revolves around the life of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). After becoming bored with the Lord of Hell and a solitary soul, he decides to quit hell and relocates to Los Angeles, where he is able to start his own nightclub. He is in love with LAPD investigator Chloe Decker. Is the Lord of hell change his mind to the positive side? Check it out and find out.

Narcos (2015)

Narcos is a very well-loved web series based around the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. The original series was in Spanish but and the English version can also be seen and, recently, Netflix added the Hindi dubbings. The show received an impressive IMDB score of 8.8 points. It tells the real tale of the rise and spread of drug cartels that use cocaine across the globe.

Luke Cage (2016)

Luke Cage is an American superhero series that is based on the character of Marvel comics. Marvel comics. It came out in 2016. It is a raging action show with intense superheroes with crime scenes, as well as drama. Luke Cage is a part of the series called The Defenders, which groups with other characters, including Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and The Punisher. If you like watching the latest superhero movies, you’ll be a fan of this show.

Stranger Things (2016)

You’ve probably heard of the show since it was a huge success and a lot of people have seen it before. “Stranger Things” is a horror-science science web-based series. It is now also available in the Hindi language. The storyline of the show revolves around a boy who disappears. His parents, friends, and the police chief are forced to confront supernatural forces in order to find his return.

Altered Carbon (2018)

Altered Carbon is a Science-fiction web series that debuted in the year 2018. The series is futuristic that is set 300years in the near future. It focuses on the advances in technology that allow consciousness to be transferred to a different person’s body. Those who love Sci-Fi and futuristic films or series should check it out. It is now accessible on Hindi via Netflix. Altered Carbon is my favorite Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series.

The Vampire Diaries (2009)

The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama television series that premiered on September 10th in 2009. The show gained acclaim quickly; it made an impressive impression on viewers with the pilot episode. The show received numerous award nominations, and also received the People’s Choice Award and multiple Teen Choice Awards. The show was the most-watched before it was replaced by Arrow.

Orange is The New Black (2013)

It’s Orange! The New Black was out in 2013. The show has a remarkable 8.1 IMDB rating. It is a drama series that also features comedy and crime. This was the very first show to receive nominations for Emmy for both of the categories such as comedy and drama. The show tells the tale of Piper Chapman, who is sentenced to one and a half years in prison, and how her life alters when she is confronted with the reality of her situation.

Vikings (2013)

Vikings were created by Michael Hirst, was premiered on March 3, 2013. The show is a genre of historical drama. The story revolves around the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, who is a Norse farmer with a desire for attention, who becomes the King of the Northmen. With ambitions and the desire to become a dominant figure, he is what leads his people as well as his entire family in winning. If you enjoy series that are that deal with history and combat, then this is a must-watch show for you. It is now accessible in Hindi.

Lost in Space (2018)

Lost in Space is a Netflix Original Science-fiction series released in the year 2018. The show takes place 30 years in the past and is an update of the series from 1965 with an identical name. It is a fictional show that follows a young family who is lost in a distant world as they search for colonies. The unexpected challenges confronted by them, and what they do to survive, and how they cope, are shown in the show.

End of the Fucking World (2017)

End of the Fucking World is a British film that premiered on the 24th of October in 2017. The story follows James a 17-year-old teenager who believes he is a psychopath. He also has Alyssa she is a classmate who is angry. Alyssa is able to see an opportunity for James to escape her chaotic house life. They set off on a trip across England and begin to develop an intimate relationship after a few traumatic events.

The Spy (2019)

In the year 2019, The Spy got a rating of 7.9 by IMDB. It is among the most well-loved Netflix new series. The show follows the adventures and activities of Eli Cohen, who is a Mossad spy. The show reveals the past of Eli and his involvement in Syria’s Ministry of Defense. Syrian Ministry of Defense. If you love watching TV shows which are related to Spy and the history-related genre you should go through it. Available in Hindi through Netflix.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a fictional show that is based on the Archie comic book series with an identical name. The show follows the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) who is half-witch, and half-mortal. The show is filled with both horror and witchcraft. Growing up as a normal person She is enthralled by her fellow mortals and refuses to be a witch. The entire story of her battle with the forces of evil is revealed in the TV series.

The Society (2019)

The Society came out in the year 2019, and it’s one of the Best Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series. It’s an American television series that focuses on mystery and drama developed by Christopher Keyser. It follows the story of a bunch of teens who must take control of their town while the other inhabitants of their community disappear. The teenagers have to make their own rules to survive on a limited budget. This is a great series that you can watch on Netflix which is and is being made available in Hindi.

House of Cards (2013)

House of Cards, launched in 2013 was a Netflix Original series with an 8.7 IMDB rating. It is a Political style, the show is based around the imprudent political character Frank Underwood and his manipulative diplomatic wife Claire and her husband, who reach any lengths to establish control. The show is available in a variety of local languages, and currently, it’s now available in Hindi as well.

You (2018)

“You” is a psychological thriller television show that debuted on September 9, 2018. The show is part of the category that includes Drama, Crime, and evidently Romance. The story follows that of a store manager and his love affair with a woman who is an author who is aspiring. After a while, things get out of control when all the lies surface and the truth is revealed.

Ozark (2017)

The series premiered in 2017. Ozark was an American series that blends Crime and Drama. It stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a couple who move from Chicago to Ozark from Chicago in order to evade money laundering. The show has intense thrills and illicit activities to make money to ensure families’ survival. It boasts an amazing 8.4 IMDB rating. It is an essential thriller show on Netflix.

13 Reasons W

This is an American TV series that focuses on teen dramas. It first aired in 2017. The show is based on The novel13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The show follows the high school student Clay Jensen, and his friends after one of them named Hannah Baker commits suicide. Hannah Baker leaves behind a box of cassette tapes, in which she explains the reason she made such a terrible decision. The tapes later make fun of the reasons as well as the horrible situations she was in. Now, the show is made available in Hindi via Netflix.

Money Heist ( 2017 )

Money Heist, an action blockbuster and is among the most-watched Netflix shows can also be viewed in Hindi. Money Heist is among the top Hindi dubbed films on Netflix. The plot follows the story of a criminal mastermind known under the name of “The Professor” who has a plan to carry out the biggest heist ever recorded in history, which is to print millions of euros at the Royal Mint of Spain. 

To assist him in carrying out the plan, he enlists the help of eight individuals with specific skills and no money to lose. The thieves are able to take hostages in order to help in negotiations with authorities, who plan in order to devise ways to catch The Professor. With time the robbers are preparing for a confrontation with the police.

Thank you for reading. We’ll update the list as new movies and shows are released on Netflix in their Hindi Dubbed versions.

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